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Off to Toronto. – ALCS Game 2 Recap 2016

To be honest, this game made me sad. This series has just been hard to watch, especially thinking of the amazingness that was the ALDS.

I forgot to make notes, so I don’t exactly remember what happened. What I do know is our Toronto Blue Jays lost 2-1 to the Cleveland Indians, and are now down 0-2 in the ALCS. But, we all remember what happened the last time we were down 0-2 (ALDS 2015)!

So in today’s recap, I thought I would share some of my opinions on how the Blue Jays can advance to the World Series and recap some of the pitching info from the past 2 games. Your regular scheduled recaps will be up on Tuesday (a recap of game 3)!

The first thing the Blue Jays need to do is score runs early. They need to avoid seeing Andrew Miller, as they can’t seem to figure him out. Instead of looking for the fastball down the middle, the Blue Jays need to start getting on base anyway possible. Also known as playing “small ball”. I am definitely not saying that they can’t hit homers, isn’t that what they’re known for?! They just have to try scoring runs in different ways.

Estrada and Happ were amazing in the past two games, each having a quality start, but both getting the loss. Our offence really needs to wake up if we want to take charge of those rings (aka the World Series)!

My father has been saying that the Blue Jays need to shake things up a little bit. One of the Indians key factors has been their speed. Both my father and I agree that in either game 3 or 4, Gibbons should start Pompey. He is a great base runner, and was a key factor in last seasons ALCS. They need to try and roll the dice. We can’t keep worrying about tomorrow, because there may not be one (not literally). We need to try for today.

One more thing I would like to touch on is the “on again, off again Blue Jays bandwagon”. Within the past two games, Blue Jays twitter-sphere has not been a wonderful place to join. If us fans don’t believe in this team, how can we expect them to play as good as we’d like them to? As I predicted, this series is going to be long and hard, but trust me when I say it is not over yet.

Hopefully our Blue Jays can win all three games at home, and travel back to Cleveland with the series lead!

Alyssa Cohen

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